Who are we?

HP Metec specializes in the development and construction of simple to fully automated measurement systems. These systems can be used in virtually all production conditions. Our measurement systems focus on accurate checking of dimensions, shape and plate tolerances of workpieces, which are produced with high accuracy in series. Our sales market includes the warehouse, electronics and automotive industries. With over 15 years of experience, a lot of innovation, a high quality standard and a team of specialists, we have achieved that our systems can achieve a repeatability of less than 1 μm.


What can we do for you?

With us, you can apply for a free quote for your measurement problem. After making a survey, we provide a technical solution with one of our standard products or, if necessary, a customer-specific solution. For the automation and electronic processing of the survey we use the products of our partner Promess. On assignment we can take the entire route to placement and commissioning in your company. Knowing more? Want more information about the possibilities for measuring your products? Then check out our website or contact us!