Possible measurements are:

  • Static
  • Dynamic
  • Diameter
  • Length
  • Axial Run-out
  • Radial Run-out
  • Master recognition

Automatic shaft measuring machine

For the measurement of (car) shafts in the production environment, we have created a measuring arrangement. In addition to manually measuring shafts, HP Metec also has automated systems in the assortment. With a robot, the product from the processing center or automatic warehouse is placed in the measuring arrangement. The measurement then expires completely automatically. This allows a automatic tool correction on the processing machine to be applied.

With a special motor driven tensioning system, the workpiece is centered and is included for dynamic workpiece measurement. The application of abrasion-resistant and very accurate measuring elements and the correct workpiece positioning ensure a very high measurement accuracy. Under certain circumstances, repeatability less than 1 μm is achievable. With these features and a very simple operation, this measuring arrangement can be used in virtually all production conditions, which sets the highest quality requirements.